As a veterinarian, Dr. Cindy DiFranco understands canine anatomy inside and out. What better background could there be for a successful canine masseuse? Cindy is well respected by the top competitors in agility and other dog sports. We trust her to make our dogs’ lives better and more comfortable by massaging them before and after competition as well as for every day injury prevention.

Cindy is also a great seminar presenter. Her hands on approach to teaching you how to massage your own dog is easy to understand and will allow you to keep your dog happy, healthy and possibly even extend the dog’s years in competition.

Helen King

My dogs have benefited greatly from having a veterinarian who’s focus is on peak performance available to them. Cindy has changed how I see my responsibility to my dogs’ health and well being. Beyond giving my dogs therapeutic messages that have had instant results, I have attended and hosted her comprehensive presentations on cross training and nutrition, subjects that I now feel every handler is obligated to explore. I have also taken massage lessons from her, so that I can maintain her work in-between treatments.

Sandra Rogers
Ace Dog Sports
San Francisco, CA

An important seminar for anyone in dog sports to attend….Cindy demonstrates in a clear, concise manner how you can help keep your k9 athlete in top form. I highly recommend her seminars.

Stacy Winkler
Keen Performance Dogs

This morning’s session was wonderful! Thanks for making Cindy available for us. My dog looked like he’d just come out of a coma when it was over. Happy dog!

I thoroughly enjoyed Cindy’s seminar on Friday. She is a knowledgeable and entertaining presenter, who clearly has a passion for her work.

I attended the Friday seminar and it was excellent. Could you let me know the details (cost) of Cindy’s DVD as I would like to buy one.

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