Those Danged Zippers

I grapple with a small problem most days. I have several problems, most of which don’t require explanation, but my ziplock bag issue is the one I bump up against almost every day, therefore it’s vexing to me. For me, there is … Continue reading

Gratitude- A Simple Life Lesson

It occurred to me half way through the day ¬†yesterday that it was my wedding anniversary. 24 years ago I gave the bonds of matrimony a good try. For reasons too numerous to mention, the marriage didn’t work out–though not … Continue reading

All that’s yellow is not gold

The Solstice has passed. The Longest Day of The Year. Now we start a slow, almost imperceptible downhill slide into the maw of winter. A few weeks ago, we experienced unusually warm weather for us here in The Bowl. The … Continue reading

The Sound of Vomit in the Morning

I was awakened this morning to the sound of a dog vomiting. This is never a good thing. Rising in a panic at 3:30 a.m. to rip dog covers off before the ¬†dog vomit soaks through to my bedding prompts … Continue reading

The Psychology of Cleaning

I just finished a much-needed burst of cleaning here in The Bowl. I’ve been putting it off, remembering the sage words of one of my friends who wisely said: “The dirt and dust will still be there when you finish … Continue reading

What Courage Looks Like

The girls and I are home after 17 days on the road working in sunny California. I love my clients and I love my patients, but it’s sure good to get back home and recharge. As a devout introvert and … Continue reading

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