Kip really flexible in the weavesDr. Cindy DiFranco is a veterinarian with 20 years of clinical experience treating canine soft tissue injuries. She left clinical practice 7 years ago and developed a massage technique to help dogs recover from tissue damage inherent in canine athletes. An agility competitor herself, Cindy has become interested in keeping performance canines fit and less likely to injure themselves She has developed a massage method which helps dogs avoid and recover from the injuries inherent to the canine athlete. After extensive work with her own dogs as well as thousands of top level agility dogs from across the southwest, she has developed a system that consists of various massage techniques used in people—proven to decrease the odds of injury caused by strenuous exercise. These methods also help speed and aid recovery of injured soft tissue. Dr. DiFranco’s techniques incorporate myofascial release, stretching and distraction—all of which allow for passive re-alignment of the dog’s musculoskeletal system. Dr. DiFranco has noticed that dogs receiving massage move and perform better immediately.

Kate exiting the tunnelOther benefits of Dr. DiFranco’s techniques include relaxation, increased range of motion, decreased stiffness, better circulation and more rapid elimination of waste products from anaerobically stressed tissue. An added bonus to the physical effects of her massage is that the dogs also possess better focus and seem mentally more acute and in tune with their handlers. With today’s courses and training becoming more technical than ever, our performance dogs are incredibly stressed, both physically and mentally. Regular body work is a must for the performance dog and great for retired and older dogs as well.

Cindy has competed at agility’s highest levels for over 10 years and has been a 2-time United States Dog Agility Association National Finalist. She travels internationally teaching individuals how to massage their dogs and is available for private seminars.

Dr. DiFranco is highly sought by dog sports competitors who wish to keep their performance dogs happy, healthy and at decreased risk of injury from performance injuries.

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