What Courage Looks Like

The girls and I are home after 17 days on the road working in sunny California. I love my clients and I love my patients, but it’s sure good to get back home and recharge. As a devout introvert and … Continue reading

Into The Abyss

An unusual event occurred at our home in The Bowl today. Webster’s defines ¬†the word ‘unusual’ as ” uncommon or rare”. This definition definitely applies as it pertains to my desire and drive when it comes to cleaning my ¬†garage … Continue reading

Long Overdue

Something happened to me the other day that deserves mention, as it invariably will go in the record books under several categories–and this event is a rare one—a simple job that really was simple. We all know them–that 10 minute … Continue reading

Born to Run

  Have you ever noticed how dogs were born to run? I was watching Kip and Rooney yesterday on our 13 mile bike ride, a favorite weekday trail that takes us around the smaller A1 Mountain to the south of … Continue reading

Teeth and Toenails

  Though blessedly late in coming last December, winter is doing it’s best to linger on, digging in with teeth and toenails. The girls and I are itching for home-town mountain adventure. Since completing my epic 43 mile Rim to … Continue reading

Time and Its Inevitable Toll

I am about ready to admit I have a secret. A situation I’ve kept to myself but now think I’d be better served by talking about it. I have been pulling grey hairs from my head now for more than … Continue reading

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