The Love of Home

I had an unexpected visit from the people who built my house here in The Bowl yesterday. They were good friends with my next door neighbors and were in town for a visit. As my neighbor was returning Rooney to … Continue reading

“Simple” as a Theme

I am in the final stages of preparation for my 43 mile hike/run in the Grand Canyon later this week, a 16 hour marathon of climbing up and down that will net me a total of  22,000 vertical feet of … Continue reading

You Don’t Have a What?

I did something very rare for me the other day, I missed my private  Pilates appointment. As anyone who is familiar with me knows, I am deeply rooted  in man-made linear time when it comes to appointments and being punctual, … Continue reading

Daily Lessons from Dogs and a Little Spring Cleaning

Spring is well under way here in The Bowl. It started out on shaky ground with weather patterns atypical of years past. A preponderance of grey cloudy days combined with the usual high spring winds have been causing spring to … Continue reading