Summer by Proxy

2013 is humming right along. I am in a noticeably better mood since the calendar turned over. The new year is always refreshing in its own right, but combine that with real-time day lengthening and warming trends, and it’s downright … Continue reading

Food for Thought (and other catchy sayings)

I am a lover of sayings. I repeat them frequently in my mind as I apply them to ordinary, every day life. Many of my sayings are old standards: “Every dog has his day”, “you are what you eat”, “once … Continue reading

Perception is Everything

I was thinking recently about how things change. More precisely, how our perception of things change. As I was raising the blinds on my north wall of windows early this morning, I was taken aback by the crowded look ¬†and … Continue reading

Un Winter

It is the next to the last day of 2012. Winter. Cold, cloudy , windy. Rolo is outside, curled up in a tight ball in her hammock, trying to stay warm. I think they switched puppies in the hospital. This … Continue reading