Just Another Day in Paradise

Today I climbed a mountain because I could. And while I did it, I wondered how many people would give anything to do what I was doing, rather than looking out of windows at work, assuming they were lucky enough … Continue reading

The Propane Guy

Sometimes it takes so little to make my day. Today it was The Propane Guy, checking my tank and not filling it. Oh, happy day! Propane is expensive, nearly $3.00/gallon. Almost as much as gasoline, and it doesn’t go as … Continue reading

Running in The Dark–Literally

I had an interesting experience the other day. Actually, it was the other night. Let’s call it evening for accuracy’s sake. I had returned home to The Bowl after eating dinner at my parents’ house, with just enough daylight left … Continue reading

Living in The Moment

As morning approaches, and my body initiates it’s daily spike in cortisol, I stir in my bed. It is 5:30 a.m., and still dark outside. A clear sign of winter. A certain chocolate puppy senses the start of a fresh … Continue reading