A Skunking

Indian Summer, aka fall, has wasted no time in dispatching cold temperatures to The Bowl at night. Lows have been consistently in the 20’s, though it still climbs well into the 70’s by day. Only in the arid mountain desert … Continue reading

Indian Summer: Ready or Not, Here it Comes

I think the monsoons are officially over. The humidity is going down steadily and the wind has picked up. The days are crystal clear and few clouds gather in the sky. When I do see clouds now, they are wispy … Continue reading

As Summer Ends

As summer winds down, I feel an urgent need to be outside, and in nature, as much as I  possibly can. As if by doing so, I can create an “account” from which to draw upon once summer is a … Continue reading

A Case Study: The Cockroach Answer

I am utterly disgusted today. Part of this is because the weather is truly shitty- grey, cold, and spitting rain. This alone will put me in a mood, but add to this the conversation I just had with a business … Continue reading

The Smell of Tripe in the Morning

Having recently returned from a California work stint, things are finally under control here in The Bowl. It seems the first 3 or 4 days after I return home are filled with things needing to be done. Bills to pay, items to order, errands to run. My list of things to do before winter never seems to end, in fact, it simply becomes the list of things to do before summer, once the marker for winter has passed. I wonder how anything ever got done when I worked full time. It boggles … Continue reading