Tennis, anyone?

I’ve had ¬†occasion to go down to Phoenix a few times this summer. It’s a horrid place this time of year. My last journey down to the 5th largest city in the U.S . was during a’ heat wave’ (if … Continue reading

When workers invade

There are very subtle shifts happening in the weather now. A little cooler in the mornings, the light at just a bit of a different angle, sunrise and sunset noticeably later and earlier, respectively, these days. I’m not going to … Continue reading

You are what you eat

The girls and I awoke to the depressing dark and grey of cloud cover and light rain. No big surprise. It’s actually been sunny the last few mornings, with the cloud cover holding off until mid morning. I even welcomed … Continue reading

Fuggabunch of Monsoons

We just got 1.6 inches of rain in The Bowl. By “just”, I mean in under 2 hours. This in addition to the 2 inches that’s fallen over the last week. Apparently, July was the wettest month on record here … Continue reading