Almost Heaven

I awoke this morning in a most delightful way. Rolo was sleeping with her head on my neck, the soft, warm exhalations of her breath gentle caresses in my ear. The weight of her head in the hollow of my neck was perfect. In all of my life, I … Continue reading

The Dance of Life

I witnessed an extraordinary occurrence yesterday. The girls and I were returning from our morning bike ride. We were cutting through the vacant lot at the back of our acre. I cut a hole in the fence so we can access the national forest without having … Continue reading

8 for a day

I have been reading don Miguel Ruiz’s books, The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love. They’re passionate reads, and I highly recommend them to anyone searching for self-acceptance and love (and really, who isn’t?). In the books, Ruiz talks about how … Continue reading

Revelations and realizations

I had dinner with my Mom the other night. Dad was out of town, and we sometimes treat ourselves to dinner on his credit card. As we were leaving the restaurant, Mom quickly and casually told me her cancer might be spreading. This is how my … Continue reading

When all is Right with the World

I was enjoying one of my favorite things in The Bowl last night. Early evening on the deck. The sun was setting, it’s rays low and golden, casting long shadows across the back forty. The wind had laid down and … Continue reading

The Amazing Race

I had a most incredible experience a few weeks ago. The goal:  A Rim to Rim hike in the Grand Canyon, in the works for almost a year,  finally realized. I find I am unable to write much about it. … Continue reading