Ruminations on the fate of the world

Just after I wrote the last post, the condition of my leg went downhill. Although it seemed to me as though I was taking it easy on the leg, apparently the 4 mile treks in my woods were too much … Continue reading

The Dogs in my life

I was out on my back deck reading and soaking up some sun today. Kip was with me, a toy in her mouth, silently willing me to notice that she needed someone to play with. Kip has never played by … Continue reading

But it’s only a flesh wound!

Day 3 after my bike accident. I was actually able to sleep a bit on my right side last night, which is the boo-boo side, so I knew I was better when I got up this morning. I took it easy for the … Continue reading

When Life changes the script

It has been 48 hours since my bike accident. The girls and I were out on a training ride. I was going to do hills on my bike over to A1 mountain, then do a couple hike sets up and … Continue reading

Life As a Dream

I had a Kate dream last night. It seemed long and convoluted, a real adventure in which the girls and I were fleeing a city in ruins. There was a hotel fire, and flooding was predicted to follow. I was … Continue reading