My Day on A1 Mountain

I saw the herd today. The girls and I rode up on a group of 20 cows and yearling calves as we rode to the bottom of Blue Bell Hill and started our ascent. I call this mile-long uphill Blue Bell Hill because my favorite ice … Continue reading

Summer in The Bowl

The girls and I arrived home from one of our work stints late last night. I’m not fond of driving late at night, but the drive was easy. Traveling on a Sunday night, and heading east on I -40, is … Continue reading

The 4 Minute Rule

I just came in from eating breakfast on my back deck. This act is the hallmark of spring in The Bowl. Spring is the spacer that means winter is gone and summer beckons. Morning light is higher now, and sunlight streams … Continue reading

Memories and Heart-falls

As I sit in my loft, looking out at the blinding brilliance of the morning sun on the fresh, deep snow now covering The Bowl, I feel a pang of sadness in my chest. I’m not quite sure what’s causing it. It’s probably a combination of several things. I’ve … Continue reading