The Mess with Stress

One of the big problems, as far as I can see, with living a relatively stress-free life, is when you do finally encounter it, stress can seriously mess with you. Take today. I had a melt down after spending most of 3 days … Continue reading

We Urge You to consult with…….

I was in the shower the other night, re evaluating my goals. I want to live to be 100. It’ll be a vital 100– living independently, still riding my mountain bike and hiking with my dogs. And my dogs will live to be … Continue reading

Never Assume

Last night as I lay in bed reading, the girls beside me sleeping, I put my book down to contemplate my dogs. Kip was curled up by my pillow, her rib cage rising and falling peacefully with her respirations, soft as rose … Continue reading

Winter’s Last Hurrah

I just came in from a rush to stow dog beds and hiking boots. I was deep in concentration with a book I’ve been reading, and looked up to discover it was cloudy, windy and spitting graupel outside. The dogs were sitting on the tiny front deck, as … Continue reading

Accounting 101, the 4th time around

I usually sleep well at night. I get up once or twice for the obligatory mid-life bladder emptying, but aside from that, my nights are blissfully boring. So when I have a night like last night, I genuinely feel it the next day. I … Continue reading

The Definition of Bliss

The girls and I just returned from a California sojourn. The California Time Warp was in play and once again, it seemed as though I’d never left The Bowl. Being in California just seemed like the logical continuum of the last time I was … Continue reading