The Fight Against Canine Cancer, Part I

Recently I have become aware of the disturbing increase in canine cancer over the last 5 years. This disease is devastating and it’s not just happening in older dogs anymore, it’s taking young dogs with alarming frequency. I regularly have … Continue reading

The Fight Against Canine Cancer Part II

  Now let’s look at what goes into and onto our dogs. If you are feeding your dog a kibbled food, there is reason for concern. Dog kibble—and  especially those with grains in them—can be a major source of chemicals … Continue reading

What is an RSS Feed?

Do you want to keep up to date with the latest posts? That little orange icon indicates this site has an RSS Feed. Look for it on websites you visit. RSS is a format for delivering regularly changing content. It … Continue reading

The California Time Warp and a Parallel Universe Mystery

On my last trip to California, I noticed several things. I think I become attuned to noticing the things around me so acutely on these work forays because I have so much time to think in the car while I’m … Continue reading


Recently, I was in California on one of my work stints. At the start of my route, I stay with friends who live near some mountains east of  Los Angeles and it’s easy to get the girls out for a good walk before I … Continue reading

This Crazy Little Thing Called Grief

I was going through a stack of mail today and found a pet magazine sent from an animal clinic in Tucson I took Kate to last year for a consult. Part of their ‘new’ services include sending e mails and these magazines to their patients … Continue reading

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