The Year in Review

2011 seemed to fly by. Grandpa, who lived to be 98, told me the time just keeps accelerating until you hit 90, then it slows again. My Grandpa was the wisest, funniest person I’ve ever known. Grandpa has been gone … Continue reading

Relationships and candy-making

I have become a student of caramel. It’s my favorite candy. Not the Kraft caramel squares you buy at the grocery store (made with high fructose corn syrup and vegetable oil), but real, true caramel made with heavy cream, sweet … Continue reading

Go South, Young Dog

I woke up missing Kate this morning. Badly. Maybe it was because it was last year at this time I learned I only had 8 more weeks with her. Maybe it was because I took the girls to Sedona yesterday … Continue reading

As The World Turns

Do you remember that soap opera? My Mom used to watch it religiously. I cut my teeth on it, knew the characters like they were family. Back in the Old Days before recording devices, our world revolved around being home … Continue reading

Unsolved Mystery No. 47

Not having had a puppy for 9 years has effected my memory. I don’t remember the little joys of Kip’s puppy hood. It seems cruel ┬áthat time has robbed me of my memories. It’s made things fuzzy and out of … Continue reading

The Case for DVRs

I saw a most disturbing commercial last night. This woman was on my 48″ screen saying: “It’s time to talk about what happens in the bathroom”– a very serious look on her face. Serious, but friendly. The kind of person … Continue reading

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