Giving Thanks

I try to give thanks often and thoroughly for the things I have (as well as the things I don’t have) but I think a specific day to REALLY be aware of how lucky we are is a good thing. … Continue reading

What Did We Ever Do Before……The Review?

I’m sure everyone has seen the e mails that circulate remarking on the good ol’ days; before computers, cell phones, ipods, digital cameras. How we used to ride in the back of pickup trucks, wore no seat belts or bike … Continue reading

Sending Thoughts Your Way

I had an interesting experience the other day. My mother called to ask me if I needed anything from the grocery store. I asked her to pick up a jar of Rolo’s special peanut butter, the stuff I use to … Continue reading

An Apple a Day

I was in the grocery store last night getting the apples for my 3 day Edgar Cayce apple fast. It’s a liver ┬ádetoxification fast to clear the body of all toxins. I have never done a fast, but my interest … Continue reading

9 Apples a Day

Day 2 of the apple fast dawned clear and sunny. It was 0 degrees out (that is not a typo) but the pellet stove was chugging away, and my little abode was warm. I have learned to accept the pellet … Continue reading

I See the Finish Line

Day 3 of the apple fast. I never knew time could go so slowly. It seems like I have been eating apples for a year. In fact, I’m sure I have eaten more apples in the last 3 days than … Continue reading

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